Odette Hughes

I am a certified yoga therapist - currently I am offering online sessions as time allows - I would love to help you if my skill-set and experience can be of service in your situation.

If you are interested in a session or want to know what yoga therapy is and if it is a good fit for you, please send me a message via the Contact Me page.


Briefly, here are my credentials with plain-English descriptions:

M.S. Yoga Therapy ‘17 - I completed an accredited 2 year master’s of science (M.S.) in yoga therapy where I took many courses on therapeutics as they relate to yoga and worked in a supervised clinic with clients. I was taught by professors with a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including a psychiatrist, physical therapist, and medical doctor.

C-IAYT - this means I’m a certified yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapist’s standards. I have this because of the M.S. in yoga therapy.

M.S. Physiology ‘15 - I completed another M.S. in physiology and integrative medicine at Georgetown University. Physiology is basically how the inside of the body works. Apart from the major organ systems, I also learned how to be an avid researcher, critical thinker, and appreciator of many healing modalities in this program.

E-RYT500 - I am certified as a yoga teacher at a 500 hour level with 8 years experience at this point and have taught several thousand hours, which provides me with the “E”, which stands for “experienced”. This credential was granted by Yoga Alliance and is not affiliated with my yoga therapy practice.


Skype Session

1 Hour


Session includes identification of goals, gathering of relevant history, and application of yoga-based tools tailored to your needs. The yoga tools included in the session depend on your comfort level, interest, and needs (ie: some sessions can be more discussion based and some can be more movement or meditation based, if you’d like). Yoga therapy tools include mindfulness, meditations, modified yoga poses, targeted exercises, breathing practices, focused discussion, lifestyle tips, and more!